I am Human

carved woman

Many people seem to have mixed views on the effectiveness of affirmations. I personally find it all a bit confusing. Sometimes I wonder at the wisdom of telling myself something which is simply not true.

Our egos are such good saboteurs, unless we are very good at managing the ego mind I think we will get mixed results from our work with affirmations.

I have not yet mastered my ego mind – but I’m working on it…

In the meantime I need to come up with some totally ego-proof affirmations. I need affirmations my ego cannot sabotage simply because they are so blatantly obvious there is no room for doubt. At the same time my affirmations need to leave room for self-improvement and self-mastery, without trying to fob myself off with half-truths or untruths or maybe-in-the-future truths.

I woke up this morning with the words of the title of this blog in my head, ‘I am Human’.

It’s true, but what does it mean to be human? If I am affirming this to myself where will it lead me?

I love the simplicity of it, it’s very grounding, after all it is why we are here – to experience a human life.

And whilst I know I am human I would love to delve deeper into my human-ness. To really explore what it involves to be a consciously evolving human, rather than just skimming along the surface of my human experience.

So I will dive deep…

Let’s see where this leads to…..


2 thoughts on “I am Human

  1. I think affirmations are great! They clearly work & that reminds me, I should do give it a try again. For me, I need them to be realistic. And use words that I would use in daily life. So instead of saying something like ‘I am abundant’ or ‘I am successful’ I would say things like ‘I have everything that I need and more’ something like that.

    What does it mean to be human? My first thought was imperfect.
    I will check back to see your latest thoughts on this

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