The Catnapping Cat by Judy Allen

This is a beautiful children’s book, gorgeously illustrated, and written in rhyme about a Cat and his Witch ‘On their search for the best bed in the world’.

catnapping front cover

The story introduces the reader to a variety of creatures and their sleeping habits (did you know that swifts sleep in the air? I didn’t, incase you are interested here is the science bit).

Like all the best stories where you empathise for the characters, as I read the story to my daughter I really felt for poor Matt Cat, as he dreams of his perfect comfy bed, whilst the over-tired Witch has them trying out all kinds of weird and wonderful animal sleeping-styles.

the catnapping cat

A fantastic and fascinating bed-time read which had both myself and my little one appreciating our own snuggly duvets.

I will definitely be checking out more from Judy Allen, she has written many children’s books about wildlife and her website is here


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