Dipping my toe into Fruit Kvass

In her blog, Kitchen Counter Culture Annie Levy does things with food that quite frankly scare me! I’m talking lacto-fermentation, which although I appreciate in theory, I have not yet felt confident enough to step outside my comfort zone and attempt to do myself – not until I read this blog post about creating your own homemade fizzy fruit drinks, called fruit kvass. It sounded straightforward enough, and I do tend allow a certain percentage of my fruit to go overripe and wasted – I’m not proud of this wastage, but now that I seem to have found a solution to my problem quite excited to experiment – and I found I had plenty lying around to experiment with. Continue reading



I have actually been sitting on this blog for several days, as I’m not sure about posting but here we go anyway…..

I’m doing this 30 day blogging challenge – I thought it would be helpful to get me started off with blogging – and it has been both helpful and inspirational. This particular challenge though requires me to do a round-up of my most popular blogs from the last week, which since I am not a business blogger feels a little odd to me on a personal blog, and since I have not been posting on a daily basis won’t really work. However – I thought I could at least recap my most popular posts overall, and ask what people like, what you would like to see more of, and think about what is maybe not working so well.

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Cold Fighting ‘Golden glow’ Smoothie, with Ginger, Turmeric and Goji Berries.

golden glow spice 2

Having allowed myself to get a bit run down, and caught a summer cold, I needed a serious dose of antimicrobial foods from my home pharmacy to boost me up.

I developed this smoothie as a result, and the first couple to days I couldn’t even taste it. But after a few days I can now enjoy the delicious exotic yumminess. I like to think this smoothie helped me to recover my glow! Continue reading

If you need an apology …

A beautiful post which clarifies the often misunderstood concept of what it means to forgive.

Niches, nooks, and crannies

If you need an apology you don’t understand the basic premise of forgiveness. Granting forgiveness has nothing to do the the feelings or actions of the person you are forgiving. The offender is not required to be repentant , sorry or even aware that you have a problem. My grandmother painted us all a sign for our homes it reads “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.”

Forgiveness is not based on the offender. It is the choice of the offended to move forward without malice. Letting go of the anger can be private. You can make the decision, forgive the behavior and move on without  ever speaking to, or about the situation. You see, forgiveness is simply removing the pain. You choose to heal. You don’t say what the offender did was right, okay, or allowable. You…

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5 Step Plan for Natural Head Lice Eradication. Non-toxic, Organic, Effective


Image from Dr. Dog by Babette Cole.

We have had a few infestations in our home, and I have tried a few different home remedies, and even a chemical treatment, non of which I have found to be as effective as this method I developed a while a go. When I followed this plan for myself and my daughter I found no whole lice on combing.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Implicit Oppression of Women

This is a great article and a great reminder that we are all perfect in our own way.



By New Contributing Writer to TTMO Irwin Ozborne

“If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.Dr. Gail Dines

A mother comes home after a stressful day at work with many tiny worries racing through her mind. She pulls in the driveway and opens the garage door to see her 16-year-old daughter hanging from the rooftop, lifeless, dead, from suicide. She was too fat, so she developed an eating disorder, then was too skinny and “sick” and eventually she gives her reason in a note that is summed up with the words, “soon the pain will be gone.”

Who is at fault? The parents, counselors, school, bullies at school? Partially, all of the above are to blame. But the greater culprit that allows this to continue is the media and beauty industry.

There is…

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