Playing in Nature Heals the Earth

It was one of those days when I just seemed to have lost my connection with myself. I was irritable and felt I was doing everything with a sense of duty. That kind of attitude makes life a whole lot harder work than it needs to be, and for other people it makes me harder work than necessary. It also has knock on effects in every area. I had work in a few hours and I just wasn’t looking forward to it, my daughters requests seemed like the most unreasonable demands ever and there was ‘stuff’ I suddenly realised I should have done yesterday.

I knew instinctively – we had to get out of the flat. See we live two stories up, in a beautiful flat, with amazing views, in a wonderful community, but we have no garden – and I really miss that physical connection with the earth where I can just step outside my own backdoor and chill with a cup of tea surrounded by the plants and insects and the sound of birds and running water.

Water – we had to get to water. Now P is a real homebody and will happily sit and play in all day if I let her – which sometimes I do, although I realize it is not in her or my best interests. Today though there was no resistance when I suggested we walk to the river – she knew too. Kids are so intuitive – they know the true value of outdoor play, the healing, nourishment and the connection for them is something they naturally gravitate towards. She probably knew that I would be a much calmer and more fun Mummy as a result too!

We walked the short distance it takes through the town, I was glad of the weather being slightly overcast, but as a result my photos simply didn’t do justice to the beauty of the area.

When we got to the river we started by throwing pebbles and listening to the delicious ‘plop’ as they splash into the water. Then I tried to show P how to skim stones – which I managed a couple of times, and always when P wasn’t looking!

stone drop

We paddled a bit – and I was so glad I decided to wear my crocs – yes it was cold, but I really welcomed the physical connection with the river as the water flowed around my ankles. I was quite literally in my element as I consciously let go of my stresses and allowed them to flow downstream, releasing all that no longer served me as I accepted the healing that the river offered.

I relaxed then and played, reconnected with nature, with myself and with my daughter I joyfully became fun Mummy again. We piled pebbles on top of each other,  collected sticks – P has an impressive stick collection at home, and even made a mini ‘river- henge’.

It was simple, uncomplicated play, earthy and fluid.

river henge

And when it was time to go we departed, whole and satiated, nurtured and healed.

I was so glad I listened to my intuition and took the time I needed to reconnect, glad for my sake, my daughter’s, and the sake of the planet, because I can’t belive for one moment that the flow is one-way. What we appreciate we nourish. We all thrive in an environment of love and joy, to give love and joy is to heal. Goodness knows the earth needs our love, our appreciation, and joyful connection.

Go love nature! – then come back and tell me about it …


5 thoughts on “Playing in Nature Heals the Earth

  1. What you say has research support. There is evidence that simply being in nature is good for our health, and that spending time outside is one of the best ways to get people to care about conservation. So your intuition is spot-on.

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  2. For me it’s the ocean. We live fairly close to the ocean and I will just know when we need to go there (although I could live on the beach really!). The boys are always busy building and running back and forth to the water and I love to smoosh my feet in the sand and enjoy the waves. Something about the sun, wind, water just soothe my soul! I never thought about us giving back, but I do know the boys are super protective of ocean life and will swim out or run after trash. In return we’ve been so lucky to see dolphins, whales and sea lions! Love this post – Nicole @mindovermessy

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