I Love Dew

The days I get to walk my daughter to school are a treat! If I’m working she gets taken by a dear friend of mine. We can wake an hour later on my days off, and the mornings are more relaxed, although with the inevitable last-minute dash out the door.

I love that we can walk together to school. I don’t envy those caught in rush-hour traffic every day (we don’t even have a rush hour here). Walking sets us up for the day I feel. We experience transitions between places in ‘real time’ (i.e. walking speed, although I have experienced that in a car too). We experience the weather and our surroundings more intensely. I find walking very grounding when we are aware and mindful of our journey. To encourage this we play games such as I-spy and stop to notice a flower, or berries now, and once my daughter stared in wonder into a hedge telling me she could see coloured sparkles – I don’t doubt that she did.

After school drop off I get to re-trace my steps – although I don’t. I always take a detour through a small park, we sometimes go there together after school. A beautiful wildlife garden lovingly tended by volunteers. It is a place I am able to truly ground and connect with nature in my own time, in my own way.

Releasing and letting go of any tensions as I lean my back against the trunk of a sturdy beech tree.


Or sitting and contemplating the flowers and  gently humming insects.


Burying my nose into a fragrant rose blossom and deeply inhaling the warm perfume.

rose blossom

Or, like today, crouching down and sinking my fingers and palms into the soft, mossy, dewy grass, creating a physical, tangible connection to Mother Earth.

I love dew

 These days are a treat!

Please share you favorite place or way, to connect with nature below.


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