I Love Dew

The days I get to walk my daughter to school are a treat! If I’m working she gets taken by a dear friend of mine. We can wake an hour later on my days off, and the mornings are more relaxed, although with the inevitable last-minute dash out the door.

I love that we can walk together to school. I don’t envy those caught in rush-hour traffic every day (we don’t even have a rush hour here). Walking sets us up for the day I feel. We experience transitions between places in ‘real time’ (i.e. walking speed, although I have experienced that in a car too). We experience the weather and our surroundings more intensely. I find walking very grounding when we are aware and mindful of our journey. To encourage this we play games such as I-spy and stop to notice a flower, or berries now, and once my daughter stared in wonder into a hedge telling me she could see coloured sparkles – I don’t doubt that she did.

After school drop off I get to re-trace my steps – although I don’t. I always take a detour through a small park, we sometimes go there together after school. A beautiful wildlife garden lovingly tended by volunteers. It is a place I am able to truly ground and connect with nature in my own time, in my own way.

Releasing and letting go of any tensions as I lean my back against the trunk of a sturdy beech tree.


Or sitting and contemplating the flowers and  gently humming insects.


Burying my nose into a fragrant rose blossom and deeply inhaling the warm perfume.

rose blossom

Or, like today, crouching down and sinking my fingers and palms into the soft, mossy, dewy grass, creating a physical, tangible connection to Mother Earth.

I love dew

 These days are a treat!

Please share you favorite place or way, to connect with nature below.


Playing in Nature Heals the Earth

It was one of those days when I just seemed to have lost my connection with myself. I was irritable and felt I was doing everything with a sense of duty. That kind of attitude makes life a whole lot harder work than it needs to be, and for other people it makes me harder work than necessary. It also has knock on effects in every area. I had work in a few hours and I just wasn’t looking forward to it, my daughters requests seemed like the most unreasonable demands ever and there was ‘stuff’ I suddenly realised I should have done yesterday. Continue reading

Sustaining the Ocean that Sustains You: More than Celebrating National Oceans Month and World Oceans Day, Things We Can Do

The Ecotone Exchange

Sunrise and sunset are always inspiration times to have a quiet moment on the coast. Photo courtesy of Kirk Keeler Photography. Sunrise and sunset are always inspirational times to have a quiet moment on the coast. Photo courtesy of Kirk Keeler Photography.

Regardless of where you live, land locked or ocean side, each day you touch, use and take in water that is part of a large planetary cycle. This cycle connects you to the weather, watersheds on land and ultimately the oceans.

As the world took time to celebrate World Oceans Day on Monday, June 8 and a United States Presidential Proclamation declared the month of June to be National Oceans Month, we have the opportunity to use these events as a timely reminder that the ocean affects each of us, where we live and the resources we all depend on. It is the perfect time to explore the ocean’s impressive influence and employ some easy, yet powerful, choices that ultimately invest in the ocean’s long-term health and functioning.

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