Purple salad with chocolate balsamic dressing

‘Don’t eat the purple leaves’ screeched my daughter as I prepared lunch. I thought perhaps she was trying to prevent me from poisoning myself.

It transpired that I was not to eat the purple leaves because they were ‘hers’.

Wow – here was a child who refuses to eat salad laying claim to lettuce leaves. This was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to miss.

I thought about presentation, which I don’t usually take much into account, and colour of vegetables, which clearly is a motivating factor in getting P to experiment with salad ingredients. There are plenty of beautiful purple vegetables available and if she likes the colour she might not freak out when they appear on her plate. This is certainly something to consider when we next go food shopping.

However, the only purple veggies I had immediately available was lettuce, red onion and dried seaweed. Continue reading


Raw Chocolates

I have been experimenting with raw chocolate recipes and was amazed at how simple it is to make my own fantastic tasting chocolate.

One thing I loved about raw chocolate the first time I tried it was the amazing, rich truffle texture, and most of my chocolates, until recently have fallen into the soft ‘truffle’ category. Continue reading

Cold Fighting ‘Golden glow’ Smoothie, with Ginger, Turmeric and Goji Berries.

golden glow spice 2

Having allowed myself to get a bit run down, and caught a summer cold, I needed a serious dose of antimicrobial foods from my home pharmacy to boost me up.

I developed this smoothie as a result, and the first couple to days I couldn’t even taste it. But after a few days I can now enjoy the delicious exotic yumminess. I like to think this smoothie helped me to recover my glow! Continue reading

Adventures in Seaweed 2

I am a convert!

It was a challenge for me initially but I have persisted and am really enjoying my sea spaghetti now.

I prepared a meal for a friend and her 3 children yesterday and it went down really well, they all seemed to enjoy it and asked their mother to make it for them at home.

Meanwhile P was having none of it – so I used the sauce with regular wholewheat pasta for her – which she eventually tried – I like to think that seeing her big-girl shero enjoying new food will be absorbed into her pint-sized psyche, and have a positive impact sometime in the future. Continue reading

Adventures in seaweed

Ok so I may disappoint you now because I’m not talking mermaids with seashell bras type adventures, I wanted to share my latest new-food experience – Sea spaghetti.

I got so excited when I heard about this ‘perfect raw alternative to pasta’, and even more so when I found it in a shop.

However after getting it home and soaking it for half an hour in warm water I found the intense ‘  rock pools at low tide’ odour rather off-putting. The problem was it looked like seaweed, and it smelt like seaweed, Continue reading