Food and Spirituality: Nourishing Body and Soul

Food is a basic need. Spirituality is also essential to basic well-being, and the two cannot be far separated in terms of the way they nourish us. Deeply; at a cellular level, an energetic level, and deeper still.

Our relationships with food are complex, over eating, emotional eating, binge eating, and all the other issues we develop over our lifetime. These can stem from familial or cultural norms carried down through many generations – or by just one person, which then become our own beliefs and behaviours. Also our beliefs and behaviours surrounding food are increasingly fed into our subconscious via media and advertising. The food we eat on a daily basis may have been grown in nutrient depleted soil, sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals, genetically altered, never seen the light of day, deprived of the right to express normal, natural behaviours, fed an artificial diet, lived and died in pain. Or it may have been grown, and nurtured with the emphasis on harmony, natural diets and healthy soils, outdoors environment, opportunities to express natural behaviour and minimal or zero chemical exposure. If ‘we are what we eat’ which would you rather be nourished by? Continue reading


I am Human

carved woman

Many people seem to have mixed views on the effectiveness of affirmations. I personally find it all a bit confusing. Sometimes I wonder at the wisdom of telling myself something which is simply not true.

Our egos are such good saboteurs, unless we are very good at managing the ego mind I think we will get mixed results from our work with affirmations.

I have not yet mastered my ego mind – but I’m working on it… Continue reading

Spiritual discernment


Discernment as a concept has been somewhat elusive to me. I do it, but until recently I didn’t realize what it was, what it involved or even, really, how it felt.

Much of what I do is judgement, I judge – good / bad, attractive / unattractive etc.

I do also discern, which is the process of filtering that which is around us without judging it, or becoming emotionally involved, and choosing what to accept or integrate and what to let go of, or simply ignore.

For some reason though I had a really tough time getting my head around the concept until very recently and I think that is a lot to do with my openness to consciously integrating the practice in my life. To actually use it upon myself and my accepted ‘truths’. Continue reading