My Contract With Nature

I have this agreement with nature – and the interaction is surprisingly consistent.

Our agreement goes something like this – if nature provides me with a carrier bag I will pick up any litter I find in the vicinity.

It started about 7 years ago when I lived by the sea and took daily walks along the beach.


As I came to love the natural beauty of the Jurassic coastline I was privileged to live near I wanted to help preserve it and the health of the natural inhabitants so started to collect rubbish as I walked. Often I struggled to carry all I found.

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Dipping my toe into Fruit Kvass

In her blog,¬†Kitchen Counter Culture¬†Annie Levy does things with food that quite frankly scare me! I’m talking lacto-fermentation, which although I appreciate in theory, I have not yet felt confident enough to step outside my comfort zone and attempt to do myself – not until I read this blog post about creating your own homemade fizzy fruit drinks, called fruit kvass. It sounded straightforward enough, and I do tend allow a certain percentage of my fruit to go overripe and wasted – I’m not proud of this wastage, but now that I seem to have found a solution to my problem quite excited to experiment – and I found I had plenty lying around to experiment with. Continue reading


I have actually been sitting on this blog for several days, as I’m not sure about posting but here we go anyway…..

I’m doing this 30 day blogging challenge – I thought it would be helpful to get me started off with blogging – and it has been both helpful and inspirational. This particular challenge though requires me to do a round-up of my most popular blogs from the last week, which since I am not a business blogger feels a little odd to me on a personal blog, and since I have not been posting on a daily basis won’t really work. However – I thought I could at least recap my most popular posts overall, and ask what people like, what you would like to see more of, and think about what is maybe not working so well.

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