Our Summer Lego Challenge

So I had this idea that during the summer holiday we would try to use up every Lego piece – it sounds easy, at the end of the day we were not trying to create anything in particular – just use them all up. However it was not as straightforward as I expected. We just happened to pick up a copy of the Lego Play Book in a charity shop on holiday, which was the original inspiration for the project. At first glance many of the ideas in the book looked unfeasible due to our limited stock, but it became a great source of inspiration and we came up with some really resourceful takes on their original designs.

Overall our individual models started to fit together to from a sort of town scene. I photographed the progress but models constantly evolved, particularly when we needed ‘that brick’ which necessitated taking another building completely apart (several times).

lego town

Wedding Scene

wedding scene lego

We spotted the fairy tale carriage in the Lego Ideas book, and built our own fit for a princess bride, complete with wedding altar and a rather splendid 3 tier cake.

Here comes the bride

August 15 076


A handy place to store spare body parts.


This scene was inspired by the story Teeny Tiny and the Soup Bone

August 15 012

“This teeny-tiny bone will make me some teeny-tiny soup for my teeny-tiny supper.”

Hogwarts Castle


lego 015


A Back to school trim for Harry, Hermione and Ron


lego 017


Holiday Cottage

with patio, sliding door, radio and bookcase


Ice Cream Stall

with Slushie machines, freezer and signpost (left)

lego 036

Beach scenes

beach hut


We had great fun creating stories and scenarios around the individual models we built. Here the shark, lifeguard station, beach hut and fishing boat are joined by other vehicles and characters in a rescue operation.

shark attack

A Fantastical Dr Seuss style building

centaurs tower

Spidermans hide-out

with get-away vehicle

lego 007

Things on wheels

road runners

A selection of vehicles, including a bin lorry, which led us to create a recycling center and wheelie bin. Handy for those odd leftover pieces at the end of our project.

recycling centre

We had a lot of fun with this project and I’m sure we will repeat it some time in the future.

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As part of my 30 day blogging challenge I have been encouraged to try out Canva photo editing, hence the titled and tinted photos. It’s been a lot of fun and a handy way to individualise my blog photos.