Playing in Nature Heals the Earth

It was one of those days when I just seemed to have lost my connection with myself. I was irritable and felt I was doing everything with a sense of duty. That kind of attitude makes life a whole lot harder work than it needs to be, and for other people it makes me harder work than necessary. It also has knock on effects in every area. I had work in a few hours and I just wasn’t looking forward to it, my daughters requests seemed like the most unreasonable demands ever and there was ‘stuff’ I suddenly realised I should have done yesterday. Continue reading


Letting go, letting go, letting go

ultimately it’s all about forgiveness, forgiving others, and forgiving ourselves.

In my quest to simplify my life and my relationship with the Divine it not just about what I can gain from this process but much more significantly, what I can release, in order to allow myself to sink deeper into my core. Reconnecting more fully with my own true light.

An exercise towards forgiveness

Sit with the painful memory – sink into it, feel it Continue reading