Playing in Nature Heals the Earth

It was one of those days when I just seemed to have lost my connection with myself. I was irritable and felt I was doing everything with a sense of duty. That kind of attitude makes life a whole lot harder work than it needs to be, and for other people it makes me harder work than necessary. It also has knock on effects in every area. I had work in a few hours and I just wasn’t looking forward to it, my daughters requests seemed like the most unreasonable demands ever and there was ‘stuff’ I suddenly realised I should have done yesterday. Continue reading


Bunny slippers: A Childs Loss and Grief


I am currently reading ‘When Children Grieve’ to assist me in helping my young daughter come to terms with the loss of our dog, whom she still misses after nearly two years.

I am about a third of the way through and just finished the chapter entitled ‘Looking at Myth 6: Time Heals All Wounds’ when P comes into the room and asks ‘Where are my bunny slippers?’

An image of a pair of too-small, fluffy pink slipper-boots, last seen six months ago on their way to the charity shop flits across my mind, and I hesitate. Continue reading