Cold Fighting ‘Golden glow’ Smoothie, with Ginger, Turmeric and Goji Berries.

golden glow spice 2

Having allowed myself to get a bit run down, and caught a summer cold, I needed a serious dose of antimicrobial foods from my home pharmacy to boost me up.

I developed this smoothie as a result, and the first couple to days I couldn’t even taste it. But after a few days I can now enjoy the delicious exotic yumminess. I like to think this smoothie helped me to recover my glow! Continue reading


Amazing Superfood Smoothie

I love creating smoothies, and I love drinking them (most of them – and if it’s not gone so well a few spoonfuls of cacao will usually improve the situation). The best thing I like about them is the huge variety of ingredients and amount of nutrition you can pack into something that tastes great and is enjoyable to drink.

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